Living Urn

Our Living Urn tree planting system with biodegradable cremation urn is the perfect solution for creating a living memorial to your loved one. Our eco-friendly biodegradable system is designed to grow a lasting living memory tree, plant, or flowers with your loved ones cremains.

Growing a tree with our system is not only an enriching option for you and your family but it's also a way to give back. Planting a tree with an urn that holds your loved one cremains will create a place to keep them present in your life while providing a place for birds and other wildlife to gather. Create a circle of life by transforming cremains into a living tree memorial.

The Living Urn is shipped to you in a beautiful and graceful handmade bamboo shell. The bamboo shell will keep your cremated remains safe while you wait for the young tree to arrive from our nursery. After you plant your tree you can then use the natural bamboo shell as a keepsake holder to store mementos. The outer bamboo shell packaging is a sustainable resource.

You'll receive our proprietary system components consisting of a biodegradable cremation urn, wood chips, premium soil mix, and ash neutralizing agent. Follow the included simple instructions and grow a meaningful lasting living memorial.

The natural and biodegradable urn is made from recycled materials (plant-derived), using only heat and pressure, free from glues or other binding agents.

Receive a young tree from our award winning nursery or, if you prefer, simply pick one up at your local nursery to plant in combination with The Living Urn.

Call or email us for additional information about this service. 734-429-9760 or [email protected]