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In addition to providing funeral and memorial services, Robison-Bahnmiller can assist in obtaining a monument, marker, or bronze plaque. We do this in response to those who want to deal with someone that they have confidence in. 

We can design and create a wide variety of markers and monuments in both granite and bronze at the most competitive prices available anywhere. Even if a monument is already in the cemetery, we can arrange for the engraving of the proper dates and other information that may be needed. 

You can see examples of different monument sizes, colors and options in our display located on the grounds of the funeral home. We can also show you several examples of monuments we’ve made for families over the years, as well as granite color chip samples. 

Custom blueprints of monument designs are available at no cost. Flat, bevel, slant, traditional upright, bench style, custom designs, vases and more are all available.  

Many people find it comforting to choose a family memorial from someone they know and can trust. We feel fortunate to be in that position of trust. We personally pledge to every family our assurance of their satisfaction. 

For more information call us at (734) 429-9760 or email us at [email protected].

Reasons to Memorialize with a Monument

  • A monument serves as an everlasting tribute to a life well lived and life worth remembering. It is a representation of that person and how they lived; it is a final gift. 
  • Monuments provide a peaceful focal point where family can visit and feel connected to their loved one and family. Cemeteries are tranquil places where you can feel comfortable visiting without judgment. 
  • Monuments serve as a permanent record for future generations and genealogy. People often walk cemetery grounds to appreciate these works of art and history. 
  • Psychologists say that remembrance practices serve an important emotional function for survivors by helping to bring closure and allowing the healing process to begin. 
  • Monuments and memorialization have in some way or another been a part of every society as far back as we have records.